💰Daily Market Orders

The daily market orders will be a list of tasks/orders that each user will be able to see on the game UI. These orders will be a combination of different ingredients (example of a simple order 3X Orange juice= 80 AWC + 20 XP).

These orders will always be available to be filled by users initially (with juices and popcorn), as more recipes and variations are added over time more limits on the orders will be introduced. Some market orders will only be filled with a minimum level requirement. For example- (3X Orange juice + 2X chilly popcorn = 200 AWC + 50 XP Minimum level= 4). Levelling up for the user will be essential to unlock more variations and earning potential in the game The AWC earned from the orders will be added to the user's in game balance which can be used in game or withdrawn using the Token Exchange

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