🌀Equipment Fusion

Equipment Fusion

Equipment fusion is a process that allows players to combine multiple pieces of equipment of the same type and rarity to create a higher rarity equipment with improved boosts and base mining power. The fusion process has two main stages: Common to Rare, and Rare to Legendary. All equipment must be fully repaired to be used in fusion.

Common to Rare Fusion

To fuse common equipment into a rare one, players need to combine three pieces of the same type of common equipment. In addition to the equipment, players need to pay an AWC blending fee.

Fusion Fee: 10,000 AWC

Rare to Legendary Fusion

To fuse rare equipment into a legendary one, players need to combine three pieces of the same type of rare equipment. Like the common to rare fusion, players need to pay an AWC fusion fee for this process as well.

Fusion Fee: 30,000 AWC

This equipment fusion system provides players with a clear progression path for upgrading their equipment while also creating a sink for AWC and adding value to the in-game economy. The fusion process rewards players who invest in upgrading their equipment, granting them access to higher rarity items with more potent boosts and mining power. You can upgrade your equipment using the Blending page in game menu. Select type = equipment in filter for easier access.

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