📦Resource and Recipe Packs

Resource packs will be utility NFTs used in the game to represent packs of multiple resources. Recipe packs will be NFTs used to represent packs of multiple finished recipes (obtained through machines) To transfer Raw materials (produced by animals, trees, crop fields) and finished products (produced by machines) outside the game, the user will have the option to mint an NFT consisting of stacked resources for each type. For example- A user can use 20 Orange fruit resources of his in game balance to mint an Orange fruit NFT. If another user buys this NFT and uses it in game/burns on Atomic Hub, it will be burnt and he will gain 20 Orange fruit resources in his balance. Each resource will have its own amount that can be converted into the resource packs. 20 for fruits, 10 for crops 10 for animal products For recipe-packs, 5 finished products are required to mint a NFT On minting the resource pack the user will have to pay a fixed amount of AWC = 10 for resource packs = 100 for recipe packs The fees collected will be added to the landowners AWC pool

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