Lands will be the most important nfts for the early players of Animal World. They will allow the user to progress faster with his levels, earn passive income in AWC and also provide whitelisting access to specific drops and other exclusive events. Lands provide these main advantages to the user

Only new lands 'nftland' (Common/Rare/Legendary) are eligible for rewards. >Boost the production of any resource generating nft placed on the users land, and thus boost overall AWC earning potential >Provide passive AWC income as static income collected from withdrawal,shop + mint fees % , this will be sent weekly to all landholders >Allow users to build more types of buildings with upgrades to their lands in the next phase. >Provide passive AWC income collected from leveling up fees >In later game modes, land will be used extensively to build the user's progress and explore new game mechanics Future Updates

Players will be able to customize and access various landowner features, visit other player's lands and engage in PVP combat.

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