1. Mine Rarities and Benefits

In our mining game, there are different rarities of mines that offer various benefits to the players. The rarities of mines are as follows:

  • Common Mine

  • Rare Mine

  • Legendary Mine

Each rarity has unique features, resource generation rates, and chances of finding rare resources. The concept of "slots" in mines refers to the number of tasks that can be performed simultaneously in a mine. A higher number of slots allows more players to mine at the same time, increasing resource generation. Below is a detailed overview of each mine type and a table showcasing their attributes:

Mine RarityUser SlotsGlobal SlotsLevel 1 UpgradeLevel 2 Upgrade


1 x Level

1 x Level




3 x Level

2 x Level




7 x Level

5 x Level



Each level is upgraded through AWC costs and slots are added as given above. User Slots enable the mine owner to mine on their own mine asset using equipment Global Slots enable all players to mine enabling collaborative mining. *Mine owner needs to activate/set a valid fee% on their mine to enable it for global mining* Mines accumulate rewards (daily fees + global fees) on the asset regularly which can be claimed through the game UI. The daily rewards are reset when the player claims and do not stack. *Daily rewards double with each level on mine*

  1. Common Mine:

    • Daily Earnings: 3 Iron * Level

    • Global Fees set by owner (% of AWC cost) + 5% fixed for resources earned

    • Benefits: The Common Mine provides a balanced resource generation rate for players starting their mining journey. It is an affordable option for newcomers to the game.

  2. Rare Mine:

    • Daily Earnings: 3 Silver * Level

    • Global Fees set by owner (% of AWC cost Min. 20%) + 5% fixed for resources earned

    • Benefits: The Rare Mine offers an enhanced resource generation rate and increased chances of discovering rare resources. It is suitable for more experienced players looking to progress faster in the game.

  3. Legendary Mine:

    • Daily Earnings: (1 Gold + 3 Silver + 3 Iron ) * Level

    • Global Fees set by owner (% of AWC cost Min. 30%) + 5% fixed for resources earned

    • Benefits: The Legendary Mine is the most powerful mine type in the game, with the highest resource generation rate and the best chances of finding rare resources. It is ideal for dedicated players seeking the ultimate mining experience.

2. Collaborative Mining

Players can collaborate and mine in each other's mines. If a player is using another player's mine they will have to pay the custom AWC fee set by the mine owner. The mine owner receives a percentage of the mining rewards, while the rest goes to the player mining in the mine, burning pool. This fosters a cooperative ecosystem and encourages players to work together for mutual benefits.

Each "global" task (miner does not own mine) has a AWC fee attached to it as listed in Mining Tasks The miner pays the % set by the mine owner for this fee (10-100%) Along with this a 5% of the earned resource (Iron-Myst Gem) is added to the mine owner rewards

3. Customizing Mines (Dynamic NFT)

Mines are dynamic NFTs, meaning players can modify them by changing their name, custom data to advertise and setting the mining fee percentage (updated as mutable data on the NFT). This adds a layer of personalization and allows players to have more control over their in-game assets. New options to personalize and advertise the mines will be added in our mobile application.

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