🍋Resource Generation

  1. Resources

    • Raw Materials NFTs: Trees, Animals, and Crop fields.

      • Trees: Generate fruit resources (Orange, Mango, Fig, Coconut, Lemon, etc.)

      • Animals: Generate animal produces (Milk, Eggs, Meat, Honey, etc.)

      • Crop fields: Generate crops (Wheat, Corn, Chillies, Carrot, Soyabean, etc.)

  2. Machines

    • Used to convert raw materials into finished products.

  3. Market Orders

    • Finished products are used to complete daily market orders.

  4. In-Game Items

    • Both raw materials and finished products are in-game items only.

  5. Resource Pack NFTs

    • Players can choose to mint raw materials and finished products as Resource Pack NFTs for larger quantities.

    • These NFTs can be sold on secondary markets.

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