🔗Token Exchange

  1. AWC Earnings

    • Earned through daily market orders.

    • Kept as in-game balance, not sent directly to the player's wallet.

  2. Deposits and Withdrawals

    • In-game AWC tokens can be deposited or withdrawn to/from the user's WAX wallet.

    • Tokens can be used in-game for purchases, NFT leveling, or other activities.

  3. Withdrawal Fees

    • Dynamic fee associated with withdrawals (10%).

    • Deducted from the final amount sent to the user's WAX wallet.

  4. Fee Redistribution

    • Withdrawal fees collected in a pool and redistributed as follows:

      • 40% of the total pool split among landowners weekly.

      • 50% used in daily market orders.

      • 10% allocated as dev fees.

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