🆙Upgrade Mechanics

Nfts such as machines, animals, shelters, crop fields will all follow a level based system. These levels will be unlocked to the user based on his in game level after which the AWC cost will have to be paid to upgrade the nft. These NFTs can only be levelled up by a user after reaching certain levels. Upgrading each type of nft will boost its respective attributes and allow the user to increase production and complete more market orders. These levels will be stored as mutable attributes on the respective NFTs and will be updated whenever a user upgrades the asset. The fees collected from the upgrade mechanics will be collected into a pool and recirculate into the game economy. Later on, lands will also be allowed to be upgraded for the next phase of the game.

30% of all costs obtained through Leveling will be airdropped to landowners. 20% will be burnt, 30% recirculated to game economy 20% to development team

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