Each animal in Animal World will generate its corresponding resource animal produce item within a fixed time delay. Each type of animal can only be situated in its respective animal shelter.

Animal Production and Feeding

After producing 5 harvests, the animal will need to be fed its preferred food for it to continue production. The animal food will be processed in the Feeder machine using crops grown on crop fields and fruits from trees for bees.

Leveling Up Animals

Leveling up will decrease the production time delay for each animal but also increase its food requirements. The details for Farm Animals and their respective stats are given below:

With each level, produce and feed are according to the following formula:

Produce = Level * Base Value Feed = Level * Base Value

*Base Value is defined for level 1 animal of the same rarity.

For example:

  • Level 1 Rare Chicken

    • Produce = 3 EGGS

    • Feed = 4 Chicken Food (Base Value)

  • Level 2 Rare Chicken

    • Produce = 6 EGGS

    • Feed = 8 Chicken Food

  • Level 3 Rare Chicken

    • Produce = 9 EGGS

    • Feed = 12 Chicken Food

This system ensures a balanced and engaging gameplay experience, where players must strategically manage their animal resources and feeding requirements as they progress and level up their farm animals.

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