🌾Crop fields

Each Crop field in Animal World will generate its corresponding harvested crop within a fixed time delay. Players will need to plant the crops bought from the in-game shop, and after a successful harvest, they will receive the respective harvested crop.

Crop Seeds and In-Game Shop

The in-game shop will have seeds on sale, which can be bought for AWC (Animal World Coin).

Crop Field Leveling System

Crop fields will also have a leveling system that will define their production slots and cooldown period. Each crop field will initially be level 1 and have 1 slot to plant a crop. This can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 levels, and each level adds a new slot for crops.

The first leveling of crop fields from Level 1 to Level 2 unlocks after User Level 2 (9000 AWXP).

Planting Crops

To plant a crop, the player has to buy its crop seed from the shop using AWC, and each crop has its own production time. For example:

  • Wheat: 2 hours

  • Carrot: 5 hours

This system creates a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience, where players must strategically manage their crop resources and planting schedules as they progress and level up their crop fields.

If the crop field is planted on a land it will have 10% reduction on production time of any crop planted on it.

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