🪧Mining Tasks

In this section, we'll provide an overview of the mining task experience for players, explaining the game flow and the various stages involved in completing a mining task.

Game Flow

  1. Selecting a Mine: Players begin by selecting a mine to use for their mining task. They can choose to use their own mine or pay a fee to use another player's mine.

  2. Choosing Equipment: Players can select up to three pieces of equipment to enhance their mining efficiency.

  3. Picking a Task: Based on the mine's rarity, players can choose from a range of tasks. Each task has different resource outcomes and varying chances of success.

  4. Task Completion: After selecting a task, players will have to wait for a specified duration before the task is completed. The time required to complete a task depends on the equipment used and the task's difficulty.

  5. Resource Collection: Once the task is complete, players collect the resources they've mined. The quantity and type of resources depend on the task selected, equipment used, and the mine's rarity.

The resources obtained during mining tasks depend on the type of task, the equipment used, and the boosts provided by the equipment. The base distribution chances for Basic, Advanced, and Master Ore Extraction, as well as Treasure Hunt tasks, are as follows:

TaskDurationBase AmountsResource Distribution Chances

Basic Extraction

4 hours

Iron: 1, Silver: 1

Iron: 80%, Silver: 20%


6 hours

Iron: 1.1, Silver: 0.8, Gold: 0.2

Iron: 60%, Silver: 35%, Gold: 4.5%, NFT Lottery Ticket: 0.5%

Master Extraction

8 hours

Iron: 1.2, Silver: 0.75, Gold: 0.3, Mysterious Ore: 0.1

Iron: 50%, Silver: 40%, Gold: 9.5%, NFT Lottery Ticket: 0.5%

Treasure Hunt

12 hours

Iron: 1.3, Silver: 0.8, Gold: 0.3, Mysterious Ore: 0.25

Iron: 40%, Silver: 38%, Gold: 15%, Mysterious Ore: 5%, NFT Lottery Ticket: 2%

The equipment and mine rarity boosts can alter the distribution chances for each resource type and the NFT lottery ticket. The time reduction boost affects the overall duration required to complete a task. These formulas ensure that players have a varied and engaging experience while participating in different tasks, with their equipment choices significantly impacting the outcome. Players can use these mined resources to create new recipes using Forge machine, store them for future use cases or mint as resource pack NFTs.

In the following subpage, we will provide examples illustrating how the equipment selection can affect the distribution of resources obtained during mining tasks, and how the various boosts provided by the equipment come into play.

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