🛍️In-Game Shop

The in-game shop will have nfts on sale regularly in AWC. Some special drops will take place in the shop only for selected level players. Some drops will have limited quantities available , for example resource generating nfts, machines etc. Other drops such as "booster" nfts will be available without a limit and the user can choose to buy them if the need ever arises. The prices of items in the in-game shop will be regularly assessed and updated. Some part of the AWC collected from the shop will be burnt from supply which will act as a deflationary mechanism. Boosters

  • In-game items providing production or experience boosts.

  • Unlimited supply, purchasable using AWC.

  • Available in the in-game shop.

  • Examples:

    • Fertilizer booster: Reduces ongoing cooldown on trees; costs 10 AWC.

    • Machine oil: Reduces ongoing cooldown on machines; costs 25 AWC.

Crop seeds

  • Always available at a low entry price to encourage participation.

  • Essential for utilizing crop fields and fulfilling market orders.

  • Unlimited supply; can be minted into resource NFTs.

  • Sold for AWC in the in-game shop.

  • Planted on crop fields to produce harvested crops (e.g., corn, chilies).

  • In-game items like corn seeds, chilly seeds, etc.

NFT Drops

The in-game shop will have NFT packs on sale with user level based whitelisting. This will be done to promote user levelling and have exclusive drops only for select level members. Further phases of the game will be unlocked through this mechanism to ensure active and competitive players get rewarded.

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