🍿Popcorn Maker

ProductInputsCraft Hours


[ "3.00 CORN" ]


Spicy Popcorn

[ "3.00 CORN", "2.00 CLY" ]


Cheesy Popcorn

[ "3.00 CORN", "2.00 CHEESE" ]


Fruity Popcorn

[ "3.00 CORN", "2.00 MANGO", "2.00 ORANGE", "2.00 COCONUT", "2.00 FIG", "2.00 LEMON" ]


Honey Popcorn

[ "10.00 CORN", "4.00 HONEY" ]


. *Planting a machine on land will have 10% reduction in production time. Later on more recipes and customizations will be added to the juicer. After producing the popcorn from machines, the player can use them for filling out daily market orders to earn AWC, store them for later or mint a resource pack NFT by using 10X popcorn of any type from their in game balance. *All values used are to provide relative production capacities of the rarities and exact numbers are subject to change after testing. When the cooldown of machine is reached with max harvests, Machine OIL bought from the in-game shop will have to be used to continue production on that machine.

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