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Metal resources are crucial components in the Animal World ecosystem, as they play an essential role in crafting valuable items, creating PVP and farming tools, and developing advanced robotic technologies. Players can acquire metal resources through the mining tasks in the game. The following sections detail the types of metal resources, their use cases, and how they contribute to the game's economy.

Types of Metal Resources

  1. Iron: A common metal resource used as a foundation for crafting basic tools and items.

  2. Silver: A slightly rarer metal resource used in crafting more advanced tools and items.

  3. Gold: A rare metal resource used to create high-end tools and items, including PvP and farming equipment.

  4. Mysterious Ore: An extremely rare and valuable metal resource that contributes to the development of advanced robotic technologies.

Metal Resource Use Cases

Crafting Valuable Items

Metal resources can be combined to create valuable items that players can sell in the daily market order shop, generating in-game currency (AWC). This process incentivizes players to mine and collect metal resources, thereby driving engagement and adding value to the in-game economy.

PVP and Farming Tools (TBA)

As players progress in the game, they can use metal resources to craft powerful PvP and farming tools. These tools provide competitive advantages in battles against other players and increase farming efficiency, allowing players to gather resources more effectively.

Examples: Weapons and armor for PVP and farming tools to increase resource efficiency.

Advanced Robotic Technologies (TBA)

Mysterious Ore, the rarest metal resource, is the key to unlocking advanced robotic technologies in Animal World. These cutting-edge innovations, including AI-driven farming equipment and combat robot animals, enhance gameplay and offer unique benefits to players who invest in collecting and utilizing this scarce resource. Examples: Robotic Workers for auto planting and claiming on crop fields for specified recipes.


Metal resources are vital components of the Animal World experience, offering players diverse use cases that contribute to the game's depth and complexity. By mining, collecting, and utilizing these resources, players can progress in the game, craft valuable items, and compete with others while enjoying a rich and rewarding gaming experience.

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